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notarial services agreement

My function

My sole function, as a Notary Public, is to notarise your signature of the document. Notarisation involves establishing your identity to my satisfaction and confirming that you have signed the document in my presence.

I have no function in advising you regarding the document or its effect. This is for your lawyer or, if you are not using an independent lawyer, the Notary with whom you are dealing in the country where the transaction is taking place, or the entity to whom you wish to submit the document. The document will be prepared under the laws of that country and in relation to which I am not qualified to advise. It is therefore up to you to establish that the document will have effect as intended.

You will be required to sign the enclosed Acknowledgement confirming that I will not be providing legal advice on the contents of the document itself and that you should get legal advice on the document from a lawyer in the country where it will be used.

Identity documents

Each signatory will be required to bring your passports and an original utility bill/bank statement/government documentation issued within the last three months to establish their home address.

Documents in a foreign language

If the document is only in the language of the country where the transaction is taking place, I strongly recommend that you request a translation from your lawyer or the Notary. If you insist on proceeding without a translation, I will be prepared to notarise your signatures on your assurance that you understand the purpose the nature of the document and you will be required to sign a certificate to this effect. My notarisation of the document is limited to the English language and to your identity as you appear and prove before me. The contents of the document are a matter for you alone.

If you have received a version of the document in the language of the country where the transaction is taking place and an English translation, the document in the original language will be the binding document. You should satisfy yourselves that the enclosed English translation is accurate. I have no function in making the comparison.

Certified Copies of documents

To provide a notarised certified copy document, I will require sight of the original document. I do not need to meet with the owner of that document if I am satisfied that it is an original document but I will require the person asking me to carry out the notarial service to attend before me with their identity documents.


When I have notarised the document, your lawyer may require you to have the “Apostille” affixed to it. This is a certificate stamped on the document to confirm that I am a Notary Public. This can be arranged by visiting the Consular Section, Department of Foreign Affairs, Iveagh House, 80 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 or posting the document to them. A fee of €40.00 is payable to them.

Notarial charges

My Notarial Charges are €50 per each signature notarised on a general document. If certified copies of any document are required, these will also cost €50 each. A Power of Attorney costs €100 to notarise This is subject to a minimum charge of €50 per notarial appointment. If multiple documents are required (more than 3 documents) at one appointment a discount may be given at my discretion which I will discuss with you.

Documentation to be notarised

The document that you will be required to sign will generally be produced by a lawyer in the country where it will be used. It will generally be emailed to me in advance of the appointment by your lawyer in that country in the original language and with an English translation.

If for any reason you require me to produce the document that is required, I need to be advised of this in advance and a charge of €100 will apply for this. While I may agree to produce such a document, I can give no guarantee that it will be effective under the law of the country where it will be used because I provide advice only in relation to Irish law.


Confirmation of the following:

  1. We have appeared before Susan Uí Uiginn in her capacity as Notary Public to witness my/our signatures on the above document
  2. I / We understand the purpose and the nature of the document. Before we came to Susan Uí Uiginn, the document was explained to us by an advisor whom we trust, or we have satisfied ourselves thoroughly with regard to the contents of the document and we completely understand the contents of it.
  3. I / We acknowledge and state that Susan Uí Uiginn: –
    1. Is not our legal advisor
    2. Did not draw up the document and her only function is to witness the document.
    3. Identified us by reference to our passports.
    4. Told us that she is not competent in the laws of the country in which the document appears to be intended to operate.
    5. Told us that they are important legal documents which can have potential serious legal and financial consequences.
    6. Told us that it is important to have competent advice as to the legal, financial and taxation implications of the transaction generally.
    7. I / We confirm:
      1. I / We have read this Acknowledgement.
      2. I / We acknowledge that it is open to me/us to get legal advice in relation to the signing of this Acknowledgment.
      3. I/We acknowledge that we do not require Susan Uí Uiginn to read out the document to us.
      4. I / We understand this Acknowledgement which we acknowledge is drawn up in simple language and we are happy to sign it as it is offered to us.