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For Businesses

My Experience

I have run my own business since 2007. I have embraced many changes in business, including exiting two business partnerships successfully, being personally engaged in Arbitrations as one of the parties, and personally appearing in the High Court regarding business related matters.

Many legal practitioners will have experience advising clients on business related matters, not many have personal experience to draw on. There is a considerable difference.

When you have the advantage and accumen of personal experience, you know what it is to be sitting in your client’s chair. I understand business, I understand the intricacies of business, and I draw on my own personal strengths to tailor my advice to suit my client’s individual needs.

Whether you are setting up a business and engaging in the initial lease structure, how to start as you mean to continue in terms of set up, or whether you are in the middle of expansion or wind up, I have the knowledge and experience to provide you with solid assistance.

If you wish to contact me I would be pleased to meet with you and discuss your objectives:

Set Up

How you commence your business is an important consideration. Be it through forming a company, or as an individual. How you present your brand. I have 17 years experience advising businesses regarding their set up and needs. I am a trade mark agent who can assist you in the important process of getting your name and brand ‘out there’.

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The attention to detail paid when you embark on a commercial lease is very important. A lease is an ongoing relationship with your Landlord. It fares for good relations into the future when terms are carefully negotiated on your behalf and your interests are carefully ensured. I strive to build that good relationship on behalf of my clients, both Landlords and Tenants. I ensure all paperwork is carefully scrutinised and put in place.

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Ongoing Commercial Advice

I provide an ongoing legal advice service to businesses who wish to ensure their legal structures and day to day legal needs are met. If you are a business who would like the input of my legal expertise please contact me so we can set up a meeting to discuss your objectives.

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